Lil Frosh Shares Screenshot Of His Chat With His Girlfriend Just To Clear His Name

Nigerian singer and former Davido Music Worldwide singer has shares his own side of the story in the allege assault that was made known to the public. However Lil Frosh shares his chat with his girlfriend to clear his name. The chat seems to look like he is innocent though, see screenshot below;

Base on his explanation the singer has not assaulted his girlfriend at all after publicly apologizing before. It seems the young singer was just trying to clear his name in the allege domestic violence. 

Recently, a friend of Lil Frosh girlfriend posted some pictures of Lil Frosh girlfriend with a swollen face and from then that spark up a fire that was hard to quench. After the assault was confirm, Lil Frosh record label Davido Music Worldwide terminated his contract so that he will not tarnish the image of the record label. Since from then the young singer has gone off his social media pages and other platform till now that he wants to clear his name.

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