BL STORY!!! “High School Lovers” Please Don’t Live Your Life The Way I Lived Mine [Episode 1 & 2]

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We are back again on our Episodes story with a new one titled “High School Lovers” and believe me this one is more interesting.

The sun, though risen behind the dark, stormy clouds begin to peep through for a little while, giving the birds a little respite from the noisy thunder and lightning that has been streaking across the early morning aura.

It started drizzling some minutes later but that didn’t stop our morning devotion. Especially when we knew what awaits us when we get back to our various classes.

My school, Sunshine Comprehensive College has just commenced another academic session. The school which held an unofficial pride among the neighbouring schools is mostly known for it’s serene, beautiful and conducive environment alongside the well laid academic blocks and of course its brilliant students and the fact that it is a full boarding school.

Sunshine comprehensive College is best known for its academic excellence and the winning spirit which made it be, one of the best-ranked schools in Lagos State. It will wise to say that Sunshine Comprehensive College is the dream school of every junior student.

The school had just resumed for another academic session that morning, 20th September. Old students and freshmen were trooping in from every corner of the school. As there first day of a brand new academic session, everywhere was bustling with activities.

In every direction, you could see students carrying their suitcase, leather boxes, and some old, traditional metal box which weighed nothing less than 45 kilograms. Most of them had to carry their luggage on their head while a few struggled to drag it along so as to show off their strengths.

One could easily differentiate the aje butters from the way their parents pampered them trying to help their children settle in while reminding them perhaps for the twenty time not to forget the child of who they are. The aje pakos on the other hand were the matured children who did not enjoy any sort of indulgence.

They were adults already at a young age. Many of them do resume to the school unaccompanied and few that are accompanied are dropped off by their parents or guardians who were perhaps in a hurry to attend to something else.

The students gathered at the school hall for the morning assembly after it started raining heavily. The principal, Mr Oluwashina addressed the students and other teachers too then they headed their various offices for the business of the day.


The first week of resumption in Sunshine Comprehensive College is not always full of activities as most of the students haven’t resumed fully. To the students, it is a lecture-free week, even though some of them resume during this period.

The second week of resumption which seems to be the real deal came by, with almost all the students fully resumed. The SS3 students have been grouped into their various classes – based on their strengths and course they intend to study in the University.

I was grouped in the same class with Feranmi who was the best student in mathematics, Tunmise who has been my girlfriend right from SS2 first term and Favour who happened to be the President of the school’s Christian Students’ Fellowship. My class, SS3A, was rated the best class in the whole school as we were tagged “the good, the bad and the funny”.

It was a bright, sunny Tuesday. The sun, although up in the sky was shining fiercely on both living and non-living things. Birds were chirping loudly on the palm tree which stood strongly at the middle of the school lawn.

I sat down beside the window peeping through it . I saw two students fighting not far off. One seems to be a senior student while the other one seems to be one of the newly admitted students.

“In this school, it doesn’t pay to send the wrong signal that you are an ajebutter, particularly if you are a freshman or junior secondary student, because you easily become prey to the bullying of hardened ajepakis throughout the term” I said, facing Samuel who was my seat partner.

“Of course, you’re right. Most ajebutters are particularly picked on by the senior students for errands and the declaration of their provisions is their only saving grace if only they happened to be the school son of a senior ajepako who could protect them from the rest of the sharks” Samuel said as he laughed out loud.

Just then, Teemah, Precious and Mildred passed by the corridor twisting their waists and chewing gum as loud as they can. Teemah, Precious and Mildred have always been the ‘happening’ babes of our set ever since our Junior secondary school days.

They seemed to catch everyone’s attention with their classy and expensive style of dressing and the way they always whispered to one another and then giggled about whatever it was that they kept only to themselves.

The simple discussion between six of SS3A students during the short break had now blown into a heated argument. Now, it seemed like the entire class had spilt into two all screaming on top of their voices. Samuel and I had no choice than to join them.

There was so much pandemonium in the class that no one noticed when the principal walked in through the back exit door. For a few minutes, the Principal, Mr Oluwashina tried to make sense of what the disturbance was all about before deciding whether to punish the entire class or not for their unruly behavior displayed.

“Messi is better than Ronaldo… He is the greatest of all time”. someone shouted from the back of the class with almost half of the class supporting him.

Several moments of the heated argument, the whole noise died down. It was then we noticed that the principal was already at the front of the class.

“Gooooooo mooooooooreen sir, you are welcome to SS3A. We are the best among the rest” the whole class chorused.

“I am very disappointed in you and your acts of opprobrium. Your actions this morning is a disgrace to the school management” Mr Oluwashina the school principal remarked. “If you put the same passion, energy and zeal in which you argue to your academics, you’ll surely pass all your subjects in flying colours. I hope you know that your WASSCE is fast approaching and your days are numbered” Mr Oluwashina added.

“Anyways, I’d love to introduce to you, Miss Ogechukwu,” the principal said delightedly. “She was posted here last week to observe her NYSC and she’ll be taking you Economics alongside Mr Adeyemo, your economics teacher”

The whole class erupts in a wild celebration.

“Miss Ogechukwu, over to you” the principal said bowing a little, stretching his hand forward.

“Good morning class, my name is Miss Ogechukwu Adamma Veronica but you can call me Veronica or Vero to make things easier. I am a graduate of the University Of Ilorin with a Hons in Economics. I was posted here by the board to observe my National Youth Service. I will be taking you Economics” Miss Veronica smiled and step backwards.

“Mad oh” someone shouted from the back of the class and the whole class erupted in laughter while some were clapping.

“I’d also love to introduce a newcomer to you all… please come forward,” the principal said as he tossed the new student forward.

“Good morning class

My name is Ayokanmi. I’ll be joining you for this academic session. Thank you” the new girl said.

She spoke like she’ll be charged for the number of words she uttered.

“Welcome” the whole class chorused with a confused tone. It is unusual to admit new students into SS2 and SS3, particularly SS3. But it seems Ayokanmi’s case get as e be! Maybe she is a bird brain who managed to buy her way in. Who knows?

Written by:- Ajagba Ayodeji

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